Our Story

Summer 2019 FitVille Apparel was born, from suburban neighbourhoods of Melbourne, Australia. The idea behind the brand was taking a like minded community and bringing them together through similar passions and physical products we call clothes.
The Name:
Fit - is used to interpret 2 things, Firstly, to provide suitable quality fitting standard of clothing. Secondly, welcoming a community of people that have similar interest in keeping in good shape.
Ville - is used out of a representation US slang term for the meaning of Where you're from, or Your hood.   
Founder Josh (pictured below) created the brand with a strong focus on combining both a Sport X Street nostalgic. We aim to recreated premium locally made crafted streetwear and accessible pieces for the Active, Motivated, Hustlers and Winners Only. 
Made In Melbourne
[Founder Josh - Behind The Scenes Of Our Melbourne Manufactures]